5/18/16 ~ Sassfactory at The Untz Festival Official Pre-Party!

Catch us in Denver 5/18 at our favorite place – Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom! We’ll be rockin’ the silent disco out on the patio at the Other Side. We know it’s a Wednesday night, but you’re older now. Stronger. Wiser. Come dance with us!



The UNTZ Festival Official Pre-Party
ft. Bass Physics w/ Evanoff, Lucid Vision, Spectacle, Preliminary Malfunction (Jaden Carlson Side Project), Nobide, Covex x Frequent, Transfer Station, Tkettle, ESTA, R-Doo, Unfold, Still Point, Sassfactory, JoDojaOfficial, Pandasaywhat?, Killian Shea, Namastay In Your Brain, ZeroGravity, Patrick Skyler, Manta Ray, PK, In Motion and The Orcastrator!

E-mail Sassfactorymusic@gmail.com for $13 presales, no fees! Will deliver around Denver/Boulder

Or buy tickets here: http://ticketf.ly/1Sj4PNr

RSVP/more info here: The UNTZ Festival Official Preparty



By robinhillstudios

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