In the beginning, there was Sass.

A lone atomic drifter on a quest to rejuvenate

subliminal reverberations of divine bass frequencies,

and balance the algorhythm with more feminine energies.


With the gravity of will, she manifested a team of three,

each element humming her own exquisite melody.

Illuminating orbit through perfectly aligned harmony,

a trinary star symphony echoing universal synergy.



Sacred G’s rooted in the medley of the galaxies.



A big bang of a blastoff blooms into a soundwave supernova!

Striking chords from the coda to the cadence,

serenading and reshaping, interluding constellations,

sparking imaginations with their cosmic radiations.


A nuclear fusion of electrosoul funkhop

specifically prescribed to elevate dat ass,

transcending sonic boundaries beyond critical mass.

Cultivating Colorado culture through the craving to create,

coloring outside the lines of our hot box state.


So join us on this multiversal musical mission,

our vision is to magnify our droplets of wisdom.

Motherfunkin’ trill magicians of this fabulous fission,

weaving interstellar rhythms with our stellar transmissions.

Tune in